Latique “La Brim” Johnson Interview with Vikki La Rose

TRVLRS we believe in second chances is why we are going to shine the light on LaTique La Brim Johnson. Some may say this and some may say that however after learning about this changed soul history, researching, and hearing it from LaTique himself we strongly believe the world should know when lemons/adversities are tossed into our lives to take us off the rails, sometimes we won’t get a good first batch we may have to make a few pitchers before we get that perfect lemonade. TRVLRS landed a written interview with Mr Johnson you can check it out to the right.

In courtesy of Susan Don Diva, I want to give thanks and credit for making all of this possible,

   Questions Vikki La Rose had for LaTique Johnson

Who is La Tique La Brim Johnson? {I know some of the answer to this question; however tell me who you are today}

When did you find God and how did he change you?

Where did the name La Brim come from?

You from NY I know, which; one of the Boroughs are you out of? Is it the Bronx Harlem or Brooklyn?

Did living in NY make you the guy you used to be and is now ?

When you get released from prison what is the first thing you are going to do?

Will you continue to write books once released?

What Valuable lesson do you have for the young men out here today?

If you can turn the clocks back and do it all over again would you do it the same or different?

Do you believe in love at first site?

What is your overview of the current Game ? And do you think it needs CHANGE ?

If you can change one thing about the world what would it be ?

What is one of your favorite 48Laws of Power ? Do you completely understand it?

When did you find God ? Will you continue to follow God’s path once you get out ?

Are you married ? Do you have kids ? How many?

What are you instilling in your kids today?

Are you the head Leader of your Movement/Brand ?

Is Hats & Brims the Same ?

Do you think Vikki La Rose have what it takes to be A Ruby?

Have you listened to TRVLRS Podcast? If so which episode is your favorite?

Besides writing daily, what else do you do to pass time where you at now?

Why did you get Transferred from PA to CA ? What happened?

Do you know the severest to LIFE & is it REAL?

Would you go into business with Vikki La Rose ?

What Advice Do you have for Vikki La Rose when it comes to do Podcasting & Radio?

Are you open to having Bible Study once a week?

What was the process like publishing your first book?


LaTique Johnson Response

Answers to Vikki’s questions.

Good morning Vikki, so let me answer your questions as best as i can.

1.)Latique “La Brim” Johnson, a.k.a Pablo, is a child of God,father,entrepreneur,Leader of men & women.Youth minister/life coach. I’m a fun ,loving individual that studies life and culture .I’, one of Our Father in heavens chosen to save many souls and speak the truth as well as deliver many from the demons that have strong holds in their vessels.

2.)I found God in 2015. The change is a life going process that is still taken place daily. I am far from the man i use to be , however, still not the total man God made me to be.

3.)The name La Brim, comes from my first name and me being from BRIMS-BLOODS!!!!

4.)I am from the Bronx, New York of course,lol.

5.)Yes, living in the Bronx has impacted my life in major ways. It plays a part in who i use to be and am today.

6.)When i get release from prison the first thing i want to do is go off some where by myself and pray to the Father and thank Him for my release and to ask Him what He wants me to do first. 

7.)Yes, God willing i will continue to write books once released. I’m in the process of putting out another book now. A relationship book called: “Two become one flesh”.

8.)The best lesson i can share with young men and women out there today is to get a relationship with Our father in heaven, and to properly educate your self. 

9.)Yes, i believe in love at first sight! It is a deep attraction through spirit that just makes you manifest the spirit of Love for that individual .

10.) The “GAME”??? Well the game is what it is A Game. The probability of winning it is slime to none. 

11.)If i could change one thing about the world it would be to remove the spirit of hate and let The spirit of Love reign supreme.

12.)I don’t like that book “48 Laws of power”. I believe that book was made to be a tool to trick our people to do anything to “”win”, against each other. The book lacks Morales. Yes, i understand it well. 

13.)Yes, i will continue to follow God once released. I’m nothing with out Him. 

14.)I’m spiritually married to JESUS CHRIST .

15.)Yes, i have a son  and another one on the way. 

16.)I instill in my children God, education, righteousness and to Love and Be kind.

17.)Yes, im the Founder of a set, and Leader or several brands. 

18.)Yes, hats  & Brims are one and the same.

19.)Yes, i know for sure Vikki has what it takes to be a ruby. She gives her all to what she believes in and is loyal and willing to work hard to better herself and peoples . 

20.)No i have yet to listen to “trvlrs”,podcast but will as soon as i can. 

21.)My favorite past time is reading. I watch tv to pass time, study,. pray and just relax.I also work out to maintain good health.

22.)I got transferred to bali from Pa, because they felt  a certain group of dudes couldn’t live in the jail while i was there. That’s what i was told. 

23.)What is “severest”????????? I’m not aware of that word nor what it means. 

24.)Yes, i would definitely go into business with Vikki La Rose. She good peoples.

25.)The best advice i can give to Vikki for radio and podcast is to PRAY!!!!!!!!! Ask our father to anoint you for it and to make your way clear and don’t give up and push through. You will be big one day. God already told me this and showed me and i will help where i can. 

26.)The process of publishing my first book was a long and very frustrating one to be honest. To much to even share,lol. 

 Don’t thank Me thank Jesus , for i can do nothing with out Him and i do it all for Him. Also i believe your worthy of it so it’s not a problem to show you Love. More people need to show love and help each other. Looking forward to meeting you once im home as well. have a bless day in JESUS CHRIST NAME.