Morning Blog Talk Rise up TRVLRS

Rise up TRVLRS


Grand Rising TRVLRS, Today is the day we finally meet again to become one, a family. It has been a long time coming for the gang to meet again. As you all may know the price today is not yesterday’s price, there has been some good changes and there has been some not so good changes. However through the power of Jesus and the father GOD we have been able to over come the atrocity, adversity, systemic racism, microaggression. TRVLRS we have experienced enough in the 2 almost three decades of being in human form, the flesh that isn’t ours. We have learned this too shall past meaning, all of the bad things that is happening to Mother Earth; from cutting the trees, to messing with the climate atmosphere, to creating man made viruses, to creating fake vaccines just to keep track of God’s children, the oppressor are oppressing through a fake pandemic wanting to introduce martial law, having the citizens give up their rights by forcing the people to stay indoors and not interact with one another all must come to an end. Numbers rising in death due to the impact of the Corona Virus. Is the body count real?  Millions of people has been pronounced dead. We are not saying the pandemic isn’t a real thing, in fact it is so real it is a perfect scare tactic.



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