Vikki LaRose

Vikki La Rose is the creator/owner of TRVLRS she is driven to drive others by shining the light on them through her various of platforms she manages. She is the director of her thoughts bringing them to reality. Vikki La Rose is the host of her own podcast show TRVLRS she has co host on Sizzle Pop Radio, interview many unsigned independent artist such as: Cali Summers, Majur Deveaux, J.A.G.2 and many more. You can find her podcast on Spotify, iheart radio, google and more just type in TRVLRS . 

Cali Summers

TRVLRS meet Cali Summers producer, director, artist who is a positive individual. We met on one of the populars streaming platform; Cali Summers is straight out of Compton California where the “Friday” Movies were filmed. Being the age 1400 B.C. lol (because he will never tell us his age) he been here before, Young Gold Bone has an old soul behind what we can see. Living in today’s century YGB is here on a mission to spread the love and to make sure not only the people are close to him eats but to as well make sure everyone he encounters have the proper tools and resources. Cali Summers attended one of Vikki La Rose’s talent shows on the streaming platform; he was the only one who showed up and meant business, from there on Young Gold Bone and TRVLRS grew a closer bond. Cali Summers is known for one of his hit singles that hit over 100k views on YouTube called “Pacific Coast Highway”. This is the single we have interviewed and pushed for Cali on our TRVLRS platform. You all can check out two of the episodes we interviewed and/or just had casual conversations Cali Summers on. Vikki La Rose was Lucky to inquire questions she’s been wanting to ask Cali all along. Young Gold bone answered all of the questions wholeheartedly; it was a vibrant, fun, and amazing experience to have encountered such presence. With his mindset Young Gold Bone is making impact on today’s Society. 

Majur Deveaux 

TRVLRS meet Majur Deveaux a Los Angeles sweet baddie who don’t take no mess from no one born in the Bahamas which makes her Bahamian. Majur Deveaux is a mother first, Artist, Model, Nail Tech for celebrities, Podcast host, artist showcase host and many more the list may go on. Vikki La Rose and Majur Deveaux met on a major streaming platform just like other artists she has ran into behind streaming. Majur is known as the “City Celebrity” on this platform very popular , TRVLRS the boys the girls love her she is definitely a light we need to come across when the app is full of dark souls. Meeting Majur Deveaux gave TRVLRS a whole new meaning of staying true to self grinding hard for self stay down until you come up; with her new hit single “OTW” {On the Way Up}. Majur Lyrics hitting home base “Ain’t no time for fun when you trying to be #1. This artist is a go getter I mean she is all over LA setting a name for herself, all we can do is RESPECT it. Majur Deveaux you are amazing keep pushing and doing your thang girl! TRVLRS is here for it all.